Alternative form of transport

Whilst we await the fate of The Berlingo (I suspect it has delivered it's last bunch) The Hound and I have been without transportation. Sadly the horse and carriage were unavailable and we are still searching for our own Morris. Enter Mr Ferrari with his very generous offer of the loan of The Navara.

I know what you are thinking, are they not the vehicles commonly seen by the side of the road, with some caravans and a lone horse? Or by gentleman offering to tarmac your driveway? Indeed the very same vehicle.

They are also rather handy for florists

Or for general shopping a la supermarche.

My social standing has dropped several levels, my neighbour (who drives an Aston Martin)shudders every time she sees it, people rush to lock their doors as I drive past, and The Captain is quite convinced that by parking it on his drive just for a few minutes, his house has been devalued, it is also quite difficult to park - but I love it. The Hound is enthralled by it, I think he has found his spiritual home. I have however denied his request for a velour tracksuit and hoop earrings - one doesn't need to go that far.


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

I'm loving the Navara it makes you look very ........ Assertive !

Mr H.

Adam said...

With your new mode of transport and your existing profession i see a new synergy - Bulk Lucky Heather Delivery!

Miss Pickering said...

Two Adams commenting on one post - I am overwhelmed.

Jane said...

My Berlingo was crashed into a few months ago and was never right again.

I've begun to refer mail order flower requests that I can't deal with to you (I'm v. seasonal)- hopefully they will get to you!
Happy 2009,

Miss Pickering said...

Hello Jane, how strange last night i was looking through some old magazine clippings and came across your article in CL magazine.
Thank you for the referrals, and a Happy New Year to you too, keep warm!

Big Deal Clothing said...
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