In the shop today

Vases of hydrangea, lily of the valley, and peonies. Whilst outside sit baskets of hebe, lavender, rosemary and heuchera.

Also thank you for your concern, I am not suffering from jaundice brought on by too much gin - I had an unfortunate incident with a vase of open lillies. Suggestions on how to remove pollen from an Agent Provocatuer bra if you please.


Flower Design Jane said...

Love'n the blue hydrangeas

Primrose Hill said...

love lily of the Valley, have bought some to put in the garden. Sellotape works well on lily pollen...?
Looking forward to being able to do an "in the shop today" post tomorrow - we open for the season - mucho excited!
L xx

gladys said...

Lilies of the Valley and Peonies, just devine.