A thing for foliage and a couple of Merci Beaucoups

The Hound has a thing for foliage. For thing read fetish. Buddleia, Laurel and Eucalpytus were favourites, this evening the angelica got it's turn. A shimmy, a shake, a slight rub, a rolling of the eyes and a nap. Tomorrow he is off to the vet for a booster, I am too embarrassed to mention it for fear I will have to take him to Foliagers Anonymous.

A very large MB to Ian at ACR, who took the laptop from a tearful Miss P and like a Prince Charming to Sleeping Beauty gave it the kiss of life. Also to this man who provided remote support all the way from Delhi. His blog is quite good, even if he does post 6 months after writing, and is coming home soon anyway.....

We also missed sharing Kelly's birthday her new website here. The wedding pics are finally on this blog, and thanks to this lady we have discovered the joys of freecycle and turf. Marvellous.

Topics of conversation have been Ford Capri - MK I, II, or all III, Geert Wilders, how many ministers will resign? and shall we have fishfingers for tea?

Now to attend to 2,933 emails.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss P

Your garden looks enchanting. May we see a little more please?

Miss Duddington

Mrs Jones to be said...

How did you get on with the turf? Ours is coming along nicely - although Jeremy is still rather suspicious of it and daintily canters over for fear it might stain his pretty white feet! I'm sure the hound has no such qualms. xoxo