When photographs go wrong

Something to make you chuckle via Awkward Family photos.

It does however show that photography is something worth spending money on, especially for a wedding, have a really beautiful picture taken of your bouquet, much better than sending to a freeze drying company who will put it in a glass box for you..........

This is one of the many things we discussed over a 9 hour lunch on Sunday. It was a regional/ first quarter meeting of The Book. The Delightful Miss January and my beloved Messieurs February , and myself Miss March. We dined here on Roast Beef after the last time we dined together what else could we have eaten?

We talked of rose types, venues, brides, websites, blogs, ribbon, urns, foam, gin, and other such delights. It was probably the most fun you can have on a Sunday (with one notable exception - obviously)

Last night I ended up having an impromptu evening out, I decided to paint my nails bright pink - this is an old florists trick, saves soaking your hands in bleach for 3 hours to soak off pollen and such things. This blog is so informative, top tips a plenty don't you think?

The shop is full of lilys, and peonies for a wedding, the glitter butterflies are circling our heads in preparation for landing on the candelabra, it is like a scene out of Snow White. Heigh ho....

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Bornay said...

jajajajaja! amazing photos! jajaja!