Currently loving......4711

There have been a lot of flowers lately so you will permit a posting of the non floral variety.
I am hopelessly in love with this perfume, it smells divine of sandalwood and roses. The packaging is a beautiful turquoise, it has been on the go since 1792, it reminds me of an ex-boyfriend, and in this heat it seems to work much better than my Agent Provocateur, or the Prada, Marc Jacobs, Floris, Penhaligons or Chanel.....I adore perfume.


re said...

My Grandmother used to keep a little bottle of this in her handbag to dab on the temple in case of headache.

SoozNooz said...

I love this too - the scent takes me back - amazing how perfumes do that

Miss Pickering said...

So many customers seem to have memories attached to it too. A definite cult classic