No orange please

We are not members of a relay service so we don't offer "Sunshine bouquet number 34" for £29.99. We buy flowers daily, whatever is looking beautiful on the day, combined with snippings from the garden, and that's what you get. People are very happy to leave it to us, often with a direction on colour NO ORANGE. The Hound suspects this is due to people remembering bunches from way back when filled with cars and Xanths.

If you say NO ORANGE we will adhere, but look at what you are missing.

The shop is filled with the scent of gardenias for a wedding, we are discussing life and the merits of dried tripe sticks as a snack item.

Soundtrack of the day

Have a fabulous weekend xoxo

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SoozNooz said...

A shame indeed. I have a new found respect for orange!