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Are you all as bored of the endless wedding posts as I am? I thought I would take the opportunity to high jack the blog, Miss P is in the kitchen doing something with canellini beans and peaches. How i wish this Meat Free Monday thing would end, it seems to be extending beyond Mondays, it has been 3 weeks since my last roast chicken. The emails that aren't enquiries for weddings tend to be people asking about me, so here is the inside track.

Name: The Hound, The Boy Wonder, Mr Magoo, Baby boy, Puppy, The Boy
Age: About 6 maybe 7 - surprised? I look much younger it's the botox
Breed: A Saluki cross lurcher, although I have met several Saluki breeders who declare me full breed Saluki, it seems you don't have to a lot of feathering. I am also broader than most, broad not fat, you can still see my ribs - take note Mr Springthyme.
Size: About the size of a small horse.
Origin: Miss P found me at 3 counties dog rescue, she was looking for a small dog, I fooled her by curling up and making sad eyes, worked a charm.
Favourite food: Roast chicken - organic, roasted on a bed of butternut squash served with some steamed broccoli and homemade mayonnaise. Pigs ears, dried tripe, any fish, which is just as well as it all she is cooking at the moment.
Favourite tipple: Evian, gin and tonic, espresso, Vin Santo.
Hobbies and interests: Formula 1, chasing cats, eating flies, sleeping, tearing up lawns, eating, sleeping, looking adorable, flower arranging, disco dancing.
Pet hates: Cats, Meat free Mondays.
Favourite Haunts: The Tobie Norris, Portobello Road,Stamford Meadows, Burghley Park, large gardens.
Favourite spa treatment: A Seaweed wrap and a spray tan before a night out on the tiles.
Other doggie friends: I am much more of a people person. Other dogs chat about Pedigree Chum, outdoor kennels, clicker training - it leaves me bemused.
Annoying habits: Complete lack of recall, despite the provision of several high end dog beds I prefer to sleep on Miss P's Egyptian cotton bedding, or the sofa. Selective deafness. Getting my lipstick out at inappropriate times.
Marmite, love or hate?: Love
Night Owl or lark?: I like to be in bed by 9pm, and were it not for the shop would happily lie in until 10.30am
Final word: Sgabuzzino

For more information on the joy that is a Lurcher cliquez ici

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SoozNooz said...

Well hello there Mr Hound - it is very nice to make your aquaitance.

I have a little Bella who would very much like to meet you one day.