The New Look begins

1. The coloured dressers have gone, I couldn't take it anymore, the colours were making it difficult to concentrate. Gone is the orange, the pink and the yellow, and with them the blackboard tops. Instead we are bare wood, the shop looks lighter, bigger, more soothing....I shall await the objections. More pictures tomorrow.
2. Can you imagine the photographs from this outdoor wedding,a site visit yesterday.
3. My new favourite thing, canellini bean dip and flat bread, whizz up beans, olive oil and garlic, tip into fancy dish, dip in with spiced flat breads, peppers, and fennel. Or simply stick your finger in and lick.
4. Roast peaches for a very special dinner tonight, don't forget to buy marscapone.

Apparently I am "glowing" this is due to a facial massage by this lady, and not anything else.....sometimes you just don't fancy a capuccino, and yes I will admit they do look bigger, but that is just because the rest of me has shrunk. I trust this has comforted one of my customers, who the other day said "You won't ever get married and have children will you? You would have to give up the shop, and it would be such a terrible bind for me to have to go to London to buy flowers"


mandiplummer said...

Are you stocking lovely candles again?????

SoozNooz said...

Love the new loook - very Autumnal !