I'm still loving you, like it was the first time

1. Bringing back the 1970's, locally grown gladioli, fern, and coloured glass.
2. Learning old fashioned magic tricks
3. Eating ice cream
4. Wearing cowboy hats....do you think I should look into Botox?

On Saturday I saw a lovely skirt, it was Per Una. Have I really become old enough to hit this demographic? In blind panic I have listened to a lot of Tinchy Stryder and bought a top in New Look....I love Amelle's new hair. I am still hiphop and happening.


Julia said...

Botox - God NO! Botox is for people without joy in their lives.

If your eyes crinkle because you spend your life laughing and having fun, you do not want to hide this from anyone!


kelly said...

that is such a pretty photo of you...love it! don't go putting any needles in that face and that's an order : )

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss P

You are beautiful just the way you are. Please don't change anything.

Anyhow, Stamford has enough 'ladies' full of botox. Miaow .......... !!!!!!

Miss Duddington

Javier Salvador & By Appointment Only Event Design said...

Dear Miss P,
Botox is not for people without joy in their lives! I get plenty of it.
However Botox does help freeze those awful expression lines that we all, and that is all of us look at in the mirror! Some of us leave it to late and then consider more radical cosmetic help!
Don't leave it too late or you'll regret it!