Everything is never quite enough

Table centres for a wedding, Sylvac "hyacinth" vases filled with sweetpeas, hydrangea, wild anenome and roses. Not a herb in sight.

This week we have been
1. Dancing to Wasis Diop - it makes me go all of a quiver.

2. Making bread

3. Discovering that Waitrose have changed their flower display, it is now half the size it was.....contrary to popular belief i don't think it has anything to do with what i said and yes I am still allowed in.

4. Suffering from insomnia, at 3am this morning I completely redesigned the house. I think the delectable George Clarke might have something to do with it. Channel 4 we thank you.

For the weekend, chutney making, trout eating, and a shoe audit.

Let the games commence xoxo


Mrs B said...

Yummy flowers, yummy George Clarke.....I think we have a lot in common x

Mother Hen said...

Had forgotten how much I adore that film....can't decided who is more sensuous Pierce or Rene, such chemistry, just think if that could be bottled, you would need a license to sell it!

CakeGirl said...

Loving George too, 'specially when he gets a bit teary. But he's not swoonsome in a Don Draper sense...must find out when Mad Men is back...x

Mrs Jones to be said...

George Clark - really? I find him a bit creepy. Phil Spencer is far more my style. Sorry for not coming in with jars - unfortunately everyone has decided that I actually have to work in my last week at work and I have been buried under mounds of the stuff - tsk.