Hey Nonny Nonny

The talk here in England is of snow, the whole country has been engulfed by it. Everybody is staying indoors, we reopen the shop on Saturday, I hope it will be gone by then.
I am taking a break from painting - yes I am at it again, different to last year I assure you. The red dresser is no longer red.

Over the holiday period, I made another passage to The East, this time I was accompanied by Mr Ferrari. We headed for lunch with Mr Naylor, a most entertaining host. Fellow diners were equally as entertaining, conversation was top notch and we were served roulade.

Then we walked to the end of the world, or at least until land met the sea. Later, all blithe and bonnie we put on a Shakespearean themed pantomime, in full costume no less, Mr F loves any excuse to dress up, and has quite a collection of historic regalia. There was also a game of Perudo, which if being perfectly honest i still don't understand, but managed to win.

As we left, we admired Mr Naylor's front garden full of pampas grass glistening in the snow.

We keep threatening to play Come Dine with Me, it is all the rage o the dinner party circuit, have you played it? If this had been a CDWM episode, in the taxi on the way home I would have scored him

Also I can't do a PDF, and I just realised I hadn't actually shared with you before that I cried when I saw the photo's - so now you know.


kelly said...

i nearly made a complete stranger look at your photos in the supermarket today! they're fantastic...very proud to see your work in glossy colour print. Xx

p.s. i am undercoating. homebase 10% day beckons for a nursery furniture paint mission!

SoozNooz said...

You have every reason to cry - how very special.
YOur roulade looks divine. I won't be asking for the recipe or I will be eating it all the time.
x Suzi

Mrs B said...

Happy New Year Miss P!
I'm feeling rather jealous of many of your festive photos & adventures......but mainly that roulade!!! How did it not split? I made one for NYE and had to patch it together with amaretto cream.... not such a good look. Looking forward to seeing your pretties in whsmith. Good luck for Saturday....you've not missed much so far this year xx