Girl interrupted

This should be a post about foliage, with pictures of what i am using to make up bouquets today. Things like Camellia, viburnum opulus, olive, rosemary, tinus berries and what have you, and how I think foliage is the cats pyjamas.

but something happened

my laptop died

the man at the repair shop said it was beyond redemption and besides it was running Vista

and Vista ain't good apparently

I am trying to remain chipper, but it is difficult when you don't have anything to download your photographs onto.

Please Mr Computer man, save all my photos, especially the ones of The Hound, and my family and friends, and the weddings, and the food, and the shoes........


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss P,
I hope they can be saved. We love your pictures. Dell fixed my laptop. i think you need the chips out. I bet you are having a good day otherwise with all the lovely foliage.


Simon said...

Get a Macbook, you'll *never* go back!
They even have auto back-up to an external hard-drive to prevent future disasters.

SoozNooz said...

Ugh, horrible things when they just go kaput!
I do hope things are able to be saved.
WE hae had so many disasters that have decided to invest in a Mac - which seems to be problem free
and an external hard drive.
Enjoy the foliage.