Blogging from The Other Miss P's computer

1. We are still undergoing some technical problems.....
2. 5 men tarmacing a driveway have just tried to buy The Hound - such a cliche.
3. The Flowers in a bag have gone, M and S realised you can't sell flowers like hosiery.
4. I can't wait to tell you about the weekend, Mr F took The Boy Wonder and I to a museum. 6 gold stars to the first person that guesses which one.
5. Mothering Sunday is this weekend, order your flowers here. Local and Nationwide delivery for Mother Hen's everywhere.
6. Today i wore florals and tweed in one outfit.

56. Whilst the cat's away........a guest blogger is in residence, stay tuned.

What have you all been up to?


Mandi said...

I'm off skiing in Jackson Hole (Wyoming) ......

Anonymous said...

We all miss you Miss Pickering.
We all hope you got your pictures saved?


p.s i can't guess which museum

Mrs B said...

The Geffrye museum?? Or is it Jeffrye? Although I'm not sure the Hound would enjoy the exhibition that's on there if memory serves correctly.
Hope technical issues are sorted/ rescued. Done the first 15hr day of the week today....still trying to get over the price of lilies this morning. Hope u get It all done xx