Guest blogger.......Mr Naylor as heard on Radio 2

I can remember staying with my grandparents when I was a child.

We had honey on toast on blue stripey plates and Radio 2 would be playing. This was back when the Radio 2 jingle went "Bar Baba Bar, Radio Twoooooo" (Mmmmm nice harmonies there).

Yesterday, I finally appeared on Radio 2. Yes, Je. My grandma will be so proud of me.

I appeared on the Business section of Simon Mayo's programme. After yesterday's media whoredom, I mean stardom, you may think that I was talking about the Business that we call "Show." This was not the case. I was still bangin' on about daffodils and the late Spring. I used the phrase “cheap as chips” at one point. My grandma will be so ashamed of me.

The cold weather might mean that I am idly twiddlin’ all my thumbs and drinking coffee but elsewhere the flower industry is operating at a feverish pace in preparation for Sunday, the mother of all days.

I received a concerned email from Rachel, one of our customers, today. She is worried that the pressure is getting to her colleague, Michele, who buys flowers for Marks and Spencer. She has started behaving strangely. First she placed a photo of me on the office wall; this morning she requested my autograph. We have yet to establish if Mother Day madness has got her in its grip or whether it is simply sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

Mr Naylor,

You should milk the situation. Give some exclusive interviews? Get Jordan to come and pick the first daffs for Ok magazine.

How long do you think till your daffodils are out? How behind are they?

I am walming to you.

flwrjane said...

Oh if only we could hear/see you in Virginia. I think you would warm up our cool spring days. Hope you'll be posting tomorrow.

Darcy said...

I hope there are a few daffodils available for Mothers Day, I think they are such bright, cheerie, happy flowers & I don't like my 4 terrors to spend any more of their hard earned pocket money on me. The eldest 2 being 8 & 10 don't like Daddy buying on their behalf any more, and like to feel they have treated me themselves. Somehow their smiley faces presenting a bunch of daffs is far more rewarding than any bouquet (no offence Miss P, your creations are adorable & I am happy for my husband to splash out at any time!)Its even nicer when I know they have been grown locally too.