Guest blogger..Mr Naylor......An ambition fulfilled

Aaah, life is different when you are in love.

There's a new presence in my life and suddenly every day has more vibrancy to it. It's a long while since I felt this way.

He's not the type that I usually go for; he's older and taller than me but he's completely dependable and always rings when you expect him to. This time I feel as though I really understand what makes him tick and I feel calmer when we're in the same room as one another. I could sit and look at his face for hours on end.

Isn't he gorgeous though? We've only been together for a week so far but we are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. Ha ha ha. I was talking about a long case clock. I made it sound as though I was talking about a person, ha ha, I fooled you.

How would you like to hear Rufus Wainwright singing April Fools? I would

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