Guest Blogger..........Mr Naylor

Hello. You will have noticed immediately just from the unflamboyance of my shoes that I am not Miss P. I am your guest blogger.

It is quite a privilege. I feel like I have been offered her last Rolo. In fact it's better than that; it's like Kenneth Williams has allowed me to use his toilet - he was famously unsharing in that respect.

Actually that's a bad analogy. I promised not to corrupt the Miss P brand and yet here we are, in paragraph two, already engaged in toilet humour of the most base kind (still, it might help to improve the readership in Germany and the Netherlands).

Another comparison that I considered is that driving this blog is an honour equal to being trusted to carry a priceless Ming vase. Many gentlemen before me have attempted to get their hands on Miss Pickering's ming but the honour has been bestowed on very few of them.

Let's not get bogged down in metaphors, it's time to wave Miss P on her way and wish her an enjoyable break. I'll unpack my belongings and once she is out of earshot, I'll tell you a bit more.

I'm not even going to introduce myself to you until the next entry. If you can't stand the suspenders until then, tune into the BBC One in the morning where I will be talking about English cut flowers on BBC Breakfast not once, not twice but three times a lady.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Hello guest blogger.
I'm not sure the Miss P brand 'does' toilet humour. No doubt she left you with a supply of hound photos though?

Anonymous said...

Mr Naylor,
Are you on TV today?


Anonymous said...

Mr Naylor


Miss Duddington

Darcy said...

Good Morning Mr Naylor,I look forward with anticipation to your take on flowers, food & hounds! Miss P is a difficult act to follow & is my lifeline during the doldrums of my working day! However they say a change is as good as a rest, so hopefully the blog is safe in your hands until Miss P returns.