How to make a floral necklace

1. Take 3 stems of Chincherinchee, buy them for the name alone.
2. Snip off individual flowers, and get some florist wire. A mid-gauge wire is just peachy.
3. Thread on flowers.
4. Make a loop at each end and tie on some pretty ribbon.
You can do this with delphiniums in the summer. This method works with carnations too, but you could end up looking like you just came back from starring in a Bollywood film.
Next week, flowers for the hair, my personal favourite way of wearing them.
Other interesting things.....Phase Eight have started doing off the peg bridal dresses. It ain't exactly J.Crew, but this one is pretty.
and I am using this lady as the inspiration for my garden. The Hound just wants space for a sun lounger.


re said...

It's so delightful I've just blogged about it! Hope that's okay?

Miss Pickering said...

I am flattered.
Amazing what you can do with some flowers and a bit of ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss P.

What a lovely idea. I think they are perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls?


q_esther said...

What a lovely and inspiring blog you have! It's amazing what you can do with flowers. Hope you don't mind I just linked to your blog.