It's not really about the flowers at all.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with some friends and the subject of blogging came up.

Miss P. " I think I might start a food blog"
Everybody else: "Why? just put everything on the blog you have"

Miss P. "I could but sometimes I look at the blog, and there really aren't that many pictures of flowers, and people come for the flowers"
Everybody else "Nobody comes for the flowers"
They persuaded me not to start a food blog, so here is some food on a flower? blog. More on the food later, but if you have never cooked sweet potato fries, you haven't lived. Cut them up, coat in oil, season with whatever you have and cook in a hot oven for 30 minutes.
You must serve them in mini pails lined with greaseproof paper, it's the law..
My ponderings on blogging are at the front of mind as I have been intently following Marta Writes and her blogging workshop. Which was brought to my attention by somebody who came into the shop to ask my advice on blogging. My advice wasn't very helpful, but this is.


Anonymous said...

Miss P,

I like the mixture of your blog being about both food and flowers. You should write a cook and flower book. "Entertaining with Miss Pickering" sort of thing.


Ros said...

Mmm... Sweet Potato Fries sound delicious, I might tell my husband to make me some! Food, flowers, dogs, I like looking at it all.

Becca said...

I choose to think of the flowers as an added bonus. I do come for the flowers- (come for the food, stay for the flowers? Did someone else use that?....) so you can tell everyone else a devoted reader said that.

Simon said...

Just as long as it doesn't diminish the Hound's appearances here! Maybe he could contribute some food reviews?

I'm quite enjoying learning about flowers actually, but please don't tell my friends.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I come for the hound, slutty shoe photos and shop displays.

Darcy said...

Mmmm sweet potatoe fries, have tried this before with parsnip which I found quite tasty. I am going to attempt a sweet potatoe & parsnip fries combo at the weekend with some sour cream & chive dip, very nibblesome whilst watching tv!

Miss Pickering said...

So the food continues, as long as it heavily punctuated by the wonder that is The Hound.

Darcy, parsnips? parsnips? In my opinion there is nothing good about a parsnip.


Anonymous said...

great pics

Darcy said...

You shun the humble parsnip Miss P?!? Nothing completes a Sunday roast like a nice crispy parsnip, home grown & dug out of the frosty earth the very morning before its cooked! If your lucky it might even have grown into a rude & amusing shape to delight young & old into childish mirth! Not to mention spicy parsnip soup, and parsnip and sweet potatoe mash etc etc

Sue said...

sweet potato fries, try them drizzled with a mixture of balsamic, honey and wholegrain mustard and scatter with chopped spring onions, yum.

Love the mix of food, dog and flowers