We have reached the end of my tenancy on Miss Pickering’s blog. It will be sad to leave, I have felt very comfortable here; curiously I have felt even more comfortable here than I feel on my own blog.

I can understand how Elvis must have felt when he finished a residency in Las Vegas and returned to Graceland. Like Elvis, I am substantially heavier and more perspiration-covered than when I came here. Unlike Elvis I am not in the habit of eating hamburgers while I sit on the toilet. Like Elvis I do where rather more white clothing than is practical for a farmer. Unlike Elvis.. actually I think we have exhausted that one.

While I have been here, do not think that Mrs Picklin’ has been resting on her laurels, eucalyptus and pittosporum. She has satisfied millions of Mothers’ Day customers, procured herself a swanky doodle doo laptop and has eaten seven helpings of tuna carpaccio.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome during my stay. I can hear Miss P fumblin’ with her keys at the door. I hate long goodbyes and I have started the engine on the John Deere already and I am hoping to disappear into the Spring sunshine without too much fuss.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed you also!

And I do think Miss. P thinks rather lowly of the pittosporum...

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you back with the first daffodils?


Anonymous said...

off you go then

Anonymous said...

only kidding we enjoyed your visit