Happiness is.....

1. Local daffodils
2. Easter bunnies popping out of cupcakes.
3. Winter pansies for a bit of twee
4. Eating lunch outside, The Stamford Hen's chicken liver pate and toast.
5. The Boy Wonder's devotion.
6. Dancing in the garden to Flashdance "Take your passion, and make it happen" wise words from Irene Cara
7. Wearing floral skirts and wellington boots, and gardening in the dark.
8. Pretending to be Alex Drake in a 1980's style curry house. The Hound is obviously Raimundo. "I'm Gene Hunt" said Mr F.
9. Getting back in the saddle.
10. A massage by Debbie at The Stables Clinic. Give this woman your body for an hour,and she will give you back a completely new one.
11. The Soundtrack to this weeks Miss Dahl, but not the beach scene.
12. Planning the menu for this Sundays lunch.
13. A roll in the hay.
14. Men in flat caps.

Did you have a good Easter break?


kelly said...

a lovely happy list there...sounds like your easter break was pretty marvelous. we had a fun one too. i am weaning myself off chocolate. rather unsuccessfully. those maltester bunnies are scrumptious and you've gone and made little masterpieces with the cupcakes! i made a rather expensive easter pud in the form of jamie's epic brownie gateau...8 bars of green & blacks to it's name. many many pram walks are required this week or i may never squeeze in to my jeans again! xX

Miss Pickering said...

What is this mystical pudding of which you speak?

Where would one find the recipe?

with all that chocolate did you have to re-mortgage to pay for it?

big kiss to Elsa

kelly said...

the recipe was in jamie o's latest magazine. it may have fed 20 but for a greedy 12 with tea it was just right! honeyed almond praline and crystallized violets to decorate...it felt good to get my pinny on again : )

Julienne said...

Love your list. I do wonder though if no 13 means the same in the USA as it does in OZ!!!! Tee hee

Anonymous said...

The best Easter weekend, spent doing up my 1970's ice cream van in a 50's style!!! Decked out in pretty oilcloth and lashings of bunting !!!
Really hard work but well worth it!!!
Miss P would be most proud!!!! xx
Just wish my mini schnauzer called Sid could drive it for me, now that would be perfect !!!!