Are you a landscape gardener?

Are you looking to break into the Astroturf market, and just need a garden to practice on? Then look no further, I am your woman.

Once upon a time my lawn looked like this

But after The Hound came to stay, it looks like this.

We only require a small circular lawn of about 2 metres in diameter, and a small path to get to it....

In return, you can emblazon the slogans "As used by Miss P." "Hound-proof" all over your pamphlets. Plus we will invite you to all the soirees we fully intend to have if only we had a lawn, all bunting, 1950's floral dresses and delectable food.


How about if you are the marketing director for a big company, wouldn't you like to sponsor a new lawn? you can put a big corporate sign on it, like on a municipal roundabout.

Still No-one?

What if The Hound reclined on the astroturf with only one of your corporate baseball caps to protect his modesty?

"Miss P.! Have you no shame?"

No, I am a woman on the edge. I personally laid the second lawn single-handedly, single-handedly I tell you.


flwrjane said...

Well I'm afraid I might just have to march over to the Hound's blog to hear his side of the story.

Miss Pickering said...

He is too ashamed to write about it.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I'm afraid I have never met anyone with a Lurcher and a Lawn.

Julienne said...

You might as well give up now it's the saluki in him and it won't matter what you do those beautiful hare feet (designed to dig in and run on sand)will dig up every blade of grass you plant!!!!