Learning to fly

you knew it was an April fool? you didn't honestly think i was making up giftwraps of carnation and xanths did you?

The scent of lilac in these table centres is so delicious. It reminds me of a Spring, when things were different, not good different, just different.

Do you find that with scents?, get a whiff of a perfume, or an aftershave and you are immediately reminded of someone? or of a time?

I seem to recall there being a lot of Cacharel in the Upper 4th, LouLou and anaisanais, and then there was the first year of university when everybody wore Issey Miyake.

I worked out Flickr, and uploaded the photograph, I now have two more usernames and passwords to remember. Joy.

Re:Miss Dahl, I liked the blini bit, but then got sidetracked by a YouTube tutorial, and looked up again to see the closing titles. I'll try and catch it on the Iplayer, but I won't cry if i don't.

In other new,s the delectable Mr Jake Humphrey has started a blog, he also does twitter. I still don't get twitter. Mr Naylor does it, he even registered me to protect my brand - he is so good at thinking of these things. I haven't ever twitted, it makes my brain hurt, it seems to be fag ends of conversations, am i missing a great thing. how do people keep a blog, and a twitter going? and as for a facebook fan page?

The Hound on the other hand wants to twit, that's only because Mr F has bought him an Iphone...on contract.

A man has just come in to say the Easter eggs in Tesco are half price. Even the ones with a mug. I have always liked the ones that come with a mug.

Roger, over and out.

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Anonymous said...

I see Florist & Wholesale buyer are bigging you up!