Don't believe the hype

So this has appeared in the F&WB magazine

Why I think Ms Pickering is a gem of a florist

Actually I’ve never met Simone Pickering but I deffo think I need to travel to Stamford in Lincolnshire to share a glass of wine or two and discuss the state of the nation/flower industry/latest shoe styles.

Because I feel as if I know her simply because www.misspickering.com has to be one of the best florist websites I have seen. Not just because it’s full of gorgeous designs as well as some very down to earth offerings but because her blog oozes, and I mean oozes, personality, charm, humour fascinating facts and a style of writing that just begs to be read.

In short Miss P engages with her virtual audience and not only sells her business but herself as a person you’d like to meet/buy flowers from. And most importantly of all (and here I rap my own knuckles for being tardy in my uploads of late!) she makes the time to keep her blog up to date and interesting… often with things that are nothing to do with flowers but which I suspect keeps the reader interested and wanting to come back for more.

One day I hope I will meet Miss P, in the meantime I’ll keep logging on to see a perfect example of how using the web can engage the customer… wherever they are in the world.

"Quite an ego boost" said Mr Naylor
"I particularly like the fact she called you Miss Pinkerton, on the front page"

"She also calls you Ms. Pickering in the first paragraph. Did i miss the bit you became an ardent feminist or a divorcee" said The Hound.

This is why I keep these people close, to keep me grounded.

This morning I am here tout seule, The Hound is sleeping, he got up early to watch practice, and is quite tired. (Hamilton is quickest) He has decided to spend the day with Mr F, mincing about town and with any luck making hot cross buns.


Becca said...

Ahhh Miss P that's great. Cut it out and stick it in the window. Modesty is for people without print shoes.

renaissance said...

Oh my dear Miss Pinkerton err Ms pickering, no no Miss Pickering, great write up, very well deserved I might add.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Better protect your lovely pics, Mrs Pinkerton, because all the Traceys, Kimberlees and Nancys from all the Fleurs de Lisas and Blooming gorgeouses in the country will discover you soon!
Happy Easter! Leen XXX

Anonymous said...

well done, that's lovely.

Of course you are the best.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Congratulations, suggest you blow it up to A3 size, add a large header 'As Seen In' and pop in window. Then pretend to be modest, whilst actually feeling quite smug for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Like I've always said the best blog ever.

You are hilarious Leen,

Those people will never have the style to pull off what Miss P does, ever.


Simon said...

It's true, this is a very fine blog. Unique. Great hound pics lately. Have a fun weekend despite the weather.

renaissance said...

Well, well Miss Pickering it seems that your fame is spreading, I see your shop has been mentioned in Country Homes & Interiors by a director of Joules, a Stamford resident, as one of her fav shops!

Caroline Marshall - Foster said...

Just logged on for my dose of Miss P enthusiasm and jollity and found your view of my witterings.

I know I got the name wrong but in my defence m'lud I did change it very quickly (Mr Naylor/you must have been quick off the mark!) and you are most deffo Miss Pickering and have been for many days now!

Humble apologies .. obviously a blonde moment (sounds so much nicer than 'senior' which at my age is probably more appropriate) ... but the rest of the copy/observations stand big time! Your site is ... as my daughters would say ... coolio!

Kind regards

Caroline Marshall - Foster