A girl without a camera

I think this is the first time in about 4 years that i haven't got my camera with me, normally i have it but the battery is flat, or i can't find the cable that links it to the laptop.

But i never don't have it with me.

Maybe it's a sign? I was thinking this morning i might like to be a butcher.

So i can't show my market indulgence of cut aquilegia, or an enamel pitcher filled with viburnum opulus.

But i can share a photo from my right click and save as section.

Aren't the colours amazing?

If you are in the market for a bespoke jelly mould with architectural tendencies you should defiantly check out Bompas and Parr


Becca said...

I have an astronaught but it never comes out the mould. Anyone got any tips??

Colette said...

Who knew jelly could look so wonderful though!

I should say Hello, I'm new to reading your blog, it's very inspiring...

I loved your 'cutting the garden' post and had a go myself - though not as fabulously as you, I posted a link back to you on my blog, take a peek..

note to Becca, sit your astronaut mould in some hot water for a few seconds and the jelly should melt a little then come out easily ;)

SoozNooz said...

ohhh yum.
I know how you feel. Theonly way I used to get decent photos was through the jolly right click
I am such a "blogger"
I have just purchased a gorgeous camera and I am in love!