The Darling Buds of May

1. More cutting from the garden, tulips, stolen lilac, poppy leaf, honeysuckle, magnolia, daisy, mint and the like.
2. Harvesting the first of the lettuce and some pansy, with mint and chives. The mint is a very pretty frilled edge variety. I bought it as a growing pot from the supermarket last year, it is gaining some length, expect it in bouquets in the shop soon.
3. Homemade pizza, i try and make lots of dough at once and freeze it for a quick supper. This was from a batch that didn't have enough salt in it.....
A topping of creme fraiche, chervil, mint, sage and oregano from the garden, asparagus, parmesan, squeeze of lemon and olive oil.
4. If you are going to do all of this, you must wear slutty shoes, otherwise you just become a cliche.

I had lunch with my beloved boys, shopping with The other Miss Pickering, and The Stamford Hen has finally returned. I also watched The Darling buds of May, not seen since school, it is the blueprint of we value today. tumbledown Oast house, lunching under apple trees, growing hops...Perfick.

What did you do? Did we win the Dorset cereal award for April? There has been no offical confirmation, no eggcup in the post, no big box of cereal....


flwrjane said...

How nice your garden must be. Looking forward to the June mystery magazine.

Of course we won the egg cup. I had everyone voting on every computer I could find.

Together we're better.

I can't wear heels, though. Will we remain friends?

Katie twinkles said...

I am doing all the floribunda and culinary stuff plus getting ready to graduate next week. I have a very slutty pair of shoes and plan to wear them with my gown. Will that do?

Becca said...

How I long to be a cliche.
The first step was wearing a Cardigan from laura Ashley, the second was agreeing wicker baskets were more useful for shopping than my beautiful mulberry
next step is a headscarf and ill fitting 15 deniers.
Slippery slope

Wellies and Vogue said...

right i'm so inspired to get on with my garden.. those cut flowers are beautiful and your salad so pretty.

only just found your blog and have fallen a little in love.

Miss Pickering said...

Jane, i like you exactly as you are.
Katie, that is acceptable
Becca, i toyed between bare legs and 40 denier this morning, i had the same thought, this is a day for 15, but didn't have any.

Welcome wellies and vogue