A crepe paper and ric-rac update

I started making paper flowers, but they weren't working.

Then i remembered this amazing dress on the fabulous blog that is 100 Layer cake.

I have used it a few times this week as a little tip for brides.

"If you want a 100 Layer cake or Once Wed style wedding, you have to have the dress to match, and a suitably relaxed space you can't do it in an English stately home"

So I bought some doilies, stuck them to the crepe paper and made garlands to string from the window.
The ric-rac is being used to make bouquets fancy in a 1970's way.

I now need to find someone who crochets, to make me that dress. I would wear it everyday.

I don't know why Blogger sometimes wants to only align centre, does it offend your aesthetic eye? Mine too, but not enough to delete and retype, there is a rose thorn stuck under the U key, it is making typing annoying. Sorry.


Becca said...

Please do not joke. My mum crocheted her bridesmaids dresses and for her sisters bridesmaids in 1970 whatever. She says it's a family tradition (being one generation apparently makes it a family tradition). Anyway, she says when I get engaged she'll start crocheting. Am considering eloping for this very reason.

Becca said...

I am crazy for that dress & saved it when it posted on 100...I think its that green peeking out underneath that does it for me.