Guest Blogger.....Miss Emily Quinton

Emily Quinton is a wedding photographer, you have seen her work all over this blog, and countless others, because she is brilliant at it. Last month Emily proposed to her beloved, yes a girl proposed to a boy, so now she is a bride to be, and is sharing with us what she has learnt so far.

"Surround yourself with people you like on your wedding day"

You wedding day will be one of the most special days in your life, so it is important to choose the people you will spend it with carefully. Choosing your guests will obviously be part of this but there are other people that you will end up spending a lot of time with on your wedding day, your wedding vendors. Your make-up artist, photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator etc.

You need to choose these people because you love their work but you also need to choose them because you get on with them. I am now in the process of choosing these people for my own wedding and I am realizing more and more that it is so important that we get on with these people and that they will fit in to the wedding.

A bride will spend several hours with their make-up artist and hairdresser on the morning of their wedding. This is a special time of the day. It is a time when you are with your close female friends and family. It is part of the day, so be sure to surround yourself with people that are going to make that morning extra enjoyable and people who you can total relax with.

A photographer and/or videographer is often at the wedding for up to 10 hours. That is a huge part of the day. Pick someone whose work you adore but also who you feel totally at ease with. This will not only help with your photos or video but it will also mean that they seamlessly become part of the day.

And finally make sure you get on well with your wedding coordinator. Their job is to make sure that the day runs smoothly. Be sure they do this with a smile and plenty of style!

Enjoy your wedding planning. Choose people to work with that you connect with and it will make your planning and your big day all the more special!


Head over now and take a look at Emily's website and blog, including more of that beautiful engagement shoot with the lollipops. The lollipops are making me feel hungry, i am off in search of a cream slice.

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