Kilner jars are the new Bonne Maman jars.

and in other news.

1. Grassmere farms are opening a shop on the high street. Everyday will be a pig's ear day.
2. If you wear bright red lipstick, people will look at you in a different light.
3. Thoughts are with my darling friends with the florist and deli by the sea, whose shop was caught in the dreadful fire in Dartmouth. They will be back xxx
4. There was a photo shoot, on a windy day, a very windy day, more on that later.
5. Lewis Hamilton won the Turkey Grand Prix, and Mr Button came second. Such sweet victory.
6. I am about to meet bride 3 of 6 for today. So far nobody has mentioned Rosa Amnesia. This is cause for celebration.
7. Memories of Auntie Doreen, the lovely lady in red.
8. Is this cute or chavvy?


Devon Dumpling said...

Shocking and very sad about the Dartmouth fire...I used to work in the building that is in all the pictures (cuurently a Thai restaurant) and it was such a beautiful building, hopefully it can be restored like they have done with the East gate in Totnes which looks really good considering the damage that was caused to it x

karen said...

I think chavy not cute. but hey that's just my opinion. Love the Kilner jars.

RedFish said...

sorry this is just chavy - very unlike your flowers though!