Kiss the rain

Whenever you need me.
Kiss the rain.
If your lips fell hungry and tempted.
Kiss the rain.

Whatever happened to Billie Myers?

Pictures from the garden last night.

We woke up to glorious sunshine this morning, it is hard to believe it poured down all day yesterday.

I should of seen that weird bit of straw on the hosta before i took the photo, or i could have cropped it out, but i didn't.


Anonymous said...

Hi! What's the name of the plant in the second photo? My husband likes it and I'm going to buy him one for his birthday! Many thanks! (really enjoy your blog by the way...)

Becca said...

Love the top pic. Looks very professional. I thought you said you didn't know anything about F stops etc?

Miss Pickering said...

Caroline it is a ceonothus, I have no idea which one, but the flowers are amazing, really attract the bees and the foliage is evergreen.

Becca - i just got lucky. I am lusting after a 50mm lens, with nice fstop facilities. How are you doing on your course?

Becca said...

Hmmm....we've done focussing and apperture. I have an idiots guide on order from amazon. My current strategy is wiggling around on the ground looking like a photographer (I'm so vain). Discovered Easton Walled Gardens which is no distance from my parents thanks to the blog (how lush are those cakes) so I have some blurred pictures. I'm going to go again when I get my book.
I got a tripod from a car boot sale for £2.50 last weekend which is my new favourite accessory to pose with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Pickering!