Boys don't understand

The shoe thing.

They say things like

"They are just shoes"

"Does it matter?, just wear any pair"

"Why do you need another pair?"


Urbanstems said...

Love the leopardskin shoes!

flwrjane said...

That's what I'm saying...:)
Girls do!

I was unpacking a fall/ winter box of clothes yesterday and really really wanted to wear a hat but then I remembered it was 80 degrees out.

soon I'll be ranting about the cold.

BumbleVee said...

I don't shop much anymore. I never did get the shopping gene anyway... I'd rather shop for new taps or new lighting fixtures.
I never go anywhere so who needs much in the way of nice clothes or shoes? HOwever...I did have a wedding to go to and absolutely did need shoes the past weekend. I looked at dozens of shoes....so many ugly ones out there...and.... looks like any style is "in" this year. Everything from snubby to long and pointy.... ... finally found a beautiful pair. HOrribly expensive I thought ... but, danced all night in them.... and still had them on at the end of the night.... worth every penny, say I now..... and still beautiful....

SoozNooz said...

Why do you need another pair? pffft.
It must be a shoe fest today - this is the third post I have readabout them and now I want to go and squander!

Anonymous said...

I recently had dinner with a friend and her boyfriend. He actually said "you can never have too many shoes"...then she fell out of her chair!
He must be from another planet!

Jenny Rudd said...

ooooh yeah I hear you x