I believe in you.

It was Kylie this morning.

Every post tells a story.

Anyhow, these roses are roses and not ranunculus.
They are called Green Eye. Inspiring name.

The other ones are crespidia. J'adore crespidia. They are destined for a wedding. Don't worry not yours, your flowers are here too.

Also a deer has found it's way into the shop. He is currently stuck to the wall with floral tack. There is nothing that floral tack can't do.

The orange flowers are called Banksia. I made a mistake in the ordering, sometimes that happens.


Mary said...

What?! How are those roses? They are stunning...

Jay said...

I saw these roses at the market this morning and really loved them- although the man selling them didn't know what they were! So thank you for clarifying!! x