Why don't you be the writer

and decide the words i say?

Things are a little hectic here.

There simply isn't time for words.

So you can add your own to this random assortment of photographs.

Make your own story, plug your own blog, book, film.

It's Ellie Goulding


kelly said...

ooo le sketch! j'adore. to you? from who? sorry for the nosiness!

cooking a stew here. pondering the purchase of wallpaper. joined twitter (as if i have the time?!) following you : ) snacking on damson jam tarts. collected 3 shiny conkers on the pram walk. hair stuck to lipgloss...but it's been that kind of fantastical sunny windy day here that makes autumn the bestest.

enjoy the hecticness miss p! and please tie me down to a date...how's your october diary looking? xX

Princess and the Pea said...

Is that a wedding invite on a napkin? Love that idea, wish I'd thought of it for my wedding!

Mother Hen said...

Thank you, despite your very busy day;

1. For not shouting when I broke an important vase

2. For administering expert first aid when I tried to cut my finger off

3. Ushering me home whilst I could still drive, with said injured finger and then telephoning later to enquire as to progress of the war wound

4. Will be there tomorrow to continue causing chaos, much love xxxxx

flwrjane said...

Better let the hound write it.

none of us seem up to your level of throwaway wit.


Romantiska Hem said...

Nice blog you got here! Hugs from Petra