Shakira Shakira

Never really knew that she could dance like this, she make a man want to speak Spanish.

Absolutely nothing to do with the flowers in a marquee at The George or how beautiful the bride looked, or the amazing dedication of the MOB. I loved this wedding.

The Shakira part has to do with the hours before a wedding, when tables are laid, favours placed, candles lit, and florists jostle in between, and there is much banter between Boss and myself.

Boss is in charge of running your wedding day. He is brilliant. If you give him 2 waitresses with the same name Laura, he will rechristen one Shakira.

Makes sense now.

Weddings at The George are always fun. They would never sit back and watch you carry flowers down a mile long corridor, and through 6 heavy fire doors, when there is a perfectly good door right there in the function room, which for whatever reason can't be opened until the Bride and Groom arrive.

Unlike some.....

There is more of this wedding to come.

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Princess and the Pea said...

The marquee is gorgeous! Good job on the flowers!