Make a little birdhouse in your soul

The last wedding of 2010,that is unless I have forgotten one. Embarrasing if I have.

There were 2 others this week, I shall share those later.

Wreaths are all the rage, glitter and pheasant feathers, willow frames with Scots pine, and a birdhouse.

It is my birthday next week, celebrations start tomorrow. I like to milk it.


Becca said...

My dad taught me a song - I'm plucking pheasants, I'm a pheasant pluckers son, I'll pluck pheasants until the pheasant plucking's done. I think it's his way of determining whether I've had too much rose.

You have to be careful how you sing it.

I don't like pheasant. (a) you spend the whole meal trying not to bite the bullet and (b) it's too strong a taste.

Gorge wedding.

Happy Birthday. Will there be cake?

flwrjane said...

Though I'm sure I'm not the only bee in your bonnet, I'm happy to be buzzing around you.

Let the pre birthday celebrations begin!

xo Jane

Desiree said...

Hopped on over from flwrjane's blog. No time to take an inepth look at your blog right now, but loving what I'm seeing, so will definitely be back.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!