They came, they saw, they ate

Despite the weather, a group of very lovely ladies came to the first of our Christmas Evenings.

We quite literally put the joy into wreath making, made lilac and grey look Christmassy and feasted on baked Reblochon and pizza.

They have all promised to photograph their efforts, and i shall share them here.

Such fun. There are still a few places left on the next one on the 8th December.

In other news we have been doing weddings, funerals, planning birthday treats, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream, and maybe just maybe a little gin.

Tomorrow is the last wedding of 2010.

Bon weekend.



rachel said...

I would SO love to come to the next one, but I can't get my car out of the street, let alone to wherever you are! Next year, though!

Mrs B said...

Love lilac and grey. I did it a couple of weeks ago for a Christmas shoot...I possibly stepped over the line however and glittered my roses (iridiscent I might add)...tres pretty.

On a more important note.....do you have bubble wrap in your Uggs/ stilletos/ ballet pumps/ wellies (delete as appropriate)? Top tip for the day - use it as an insole for instant warmth xxx

Mother Hen said...

Can't wait for the 8th, what fun xxx

flwrjane said...

I am learning so much here, my head is spinning. Bubble wrap? but won't we be slipping?

Grey is a perfect holiday color. I love when I pull out an order and it reads " wintery arrangement".

Then comes the brunenia and the eucalyptus pods and the tallow berries, now I'll think to add lilac shades too.

xo jane

Mrs B said...

No slippage here yet Jane....just warmth. It obviously helps if your shoes aren't too big and you have layers of socks, tights etc!