Chalk and cheese and Oreo brownies

The Other Miss Pickering and I are like chalk and cheese. She is beautiful, athletic, skinny, effortlessly chic and organised. I am not.

Whilst The Mother Hen and I are all about food, my sister has always seen food merely as fuel to exercise.

But something has changed, her oven has actually been used, she has started making cakes, and tarts, and owns baking beans, and silicone bakeware.

The transformation is little unnerving, but as she produces such delights as these Oreo brownies, from the lovely Lorraine Pascal, I am keeping my nerves to myself.


Laura said...

Oohh they look delicious... they're low calorie, right? Lx

Mrs B said...

Naughty Miss P's......I had forgotten I'd watched that programme with those brownies....now you have reminded me and therefore I must bake and eat them all.....my jeans are already feeling incredibly tight today and no, they haven't just been washed xx

kelly said...

oh yes. those brownies! i too saw the prog and they really do look amazing. so nice to know that the other miss p has eventually discovered the delights of ovenware. never too late to get bake-happy! x

(fantastic photo!)

Amelia said...

Oh my what a lovely surprise! Max and I are so honored, we are positively giddy. Thank you for visiting and I do hope you stop by again...maybe you can bring some brownies.

Becca said...

Having met the other Miss P I can see what you mean regarding her chicness. I am always envious of people who can carry off short choppy French looking hair because I cannot.

You are also very cool though. I have no coolness. Zero. And you said about yoga. I am so unhip I fell asleep at the back of the class. Oops.

In an effort to be cooler I'm going to start a blog (or at least think about it). My first post will be about caramel Easter eggs