Dog days

One of those days today.

Cheered in part by the purchase of a vintage dog ornament.

A boss-eyed vintage dog ornament.


The Monkey Flower Group said...

Seems like selective bibelot acquisition is a highly underestimated remedy for a variety of ails. Glad to see it applied here, and hope you day continues to improve!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How wonderful , a wall-eyed dog ! A guaranteed cure for stress ..... even more effective when combined with coffee and a bun .

Kay said...

same here....only no amusing china dog to lighten the load...gin may be the answer..xx

Dan said...

Gorgeous little dog! I love the translucent glaze (and the boss eyes!!)

flwrjane said...

When I saw the photo on my blog list I was afraid it was the hound and he was on some serious psychedelic drugs.

Then I put my glasses on. Whew!

xo Jane

Lobster and swan said...

Even with a wonky eye he is great.