Free to a good home

Because we do a lot of potting, we end up with a lot of empty pots.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and must be useful to somebody? Anybody?

Keen gardeners that do fancy with seed?

Plastic fetishists?

If you need them, they are here, and probably at your local florist too.

I have decided to keep The Hound, he has been good this week. I suspect this is because he has had a different brand of food this week. I read the packaging incorrectly and he has had the same amount you would give a medium sized elephant.


HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely pictures of a very cute dog!! Have a nice weekend!
Best wishes from a cold Sweden and T

Emma said...

Nice to meet you both the other day. I have potted up my plants and they are looking really good, a nice change...Em x


Hi Miss P,
I am very glad you decided to keep The Hound! He is worth it!!
Have a good weekend.
Ingrid x