Valentine's Day Gifts

Would you like to send your beloved some flowers for Valentine's Day?

Don't be afraid to telephone us.

The conversation will go something like this.

Customer: I would like to send some flowers to my beloved for Valentines Day
Miss P: Of course, would you like the bright one or the white one?
Customer: The bright one please
Miss P: Marvellous choice, small £45, medium £65 or large £85 ?
Customer: Large please
Miss P: Would you like a message to go with them?
Customer: No that's fine she'll know who they are from
Miss P: Trust me a message, however brief is always appreciated, and there isn't anything i haven't heard, so don't hold back.
Customer: Very well then ..........

Then we will discuss delivery and payment details. It is very easy - unless The Hound answers the phone, in which case we are all in trouble.

You might also want to send bulbs in a jar, or you might want a twist of tulips or perhaps, a gift voucher for one of our flower schools? The conversation will go the same way.

and yes we send flowers to boys too, they like pointy flowers and bulbs in jars.

Try now, 01780 482961, our operators are standing by to take your call - and by operators i mean me.


Emerson Merrick said...

Muscari bulbs in a jar = so good.

Mrs T-J said...

Miss P any chance we could change the rules a little and you ring my Hubster and attempt said conversation with him? lol Stunning as ever, I love the white and it would have to be large! xxx

flwrjane said...

If I phone you will you talk to me or hang up?

I get a little sensitive in the midst of holiday madness....

Becca said...

I hope you answer the phone in the usual way - its the best way its ever been answered to me - ever.

I've sent your link to The Boy but he says he's already got me something. It will come with origami and a mixed tape as always. I love him.

Becca said...

Ps do you think big fat gypsy wedding took inspiration from your flowers in your hair post?

That's some urrr....headband.

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Oh no way! I'm so glad I've found you. I grew up near Stamford! I love Black Orchid and all the lovely yummy tea shops! :)

I shall have to follow up now!

Mrs B said...

If only every telephone call went like that.....here's hoping. I'd like any of them, in large, but in 2 weeks time please....when I can sit at home and enjoy them xxx
ps. the comment moderation for this is 'fishilu'....that made me laugh