Nobody knows it but you've got a secret smile

And you use it only for me.

If you buy an ugly plant you can use it as a vase, or just buy a pretty plant in the first place.

Are you a house plant sort of person? What do you currently have in situ? I am curious to know what is "on trend", we don't sell a lot of plants, and i keep reading in the florist press about how i should be. So any ideas would be marvellous.

Dear Cityboy1

Thank you so much for inviting The Other Miss Pickering on one of your boarding trips. We are cut from the same cloth, so i am sure she is spending a lot of time telling you how much older than her you are, and asking you to count the matchsticks and all. Today she graduates from ski school and you are taking her on her first run, and she is likely to be as sharp as a Wustenhof knife. and you must be really tempted, but

Please don't break my baby sister.

Thank you.

Whatever happened to Semisonic?

My inbox is full of interesting things, and The Hound has an apology to make.


Becca said...

I have some daffodils and some seeds.

The problem with living in a flat is that I fill it with rubbish.

The reason you have interesting things is because you are wise x x

Zombelina said...

Alas I am struggling even to keep a pot of basil alive... Alys Fowler I am not!

julianna said...

I have staghorn fern, hyacinth, basil, maidenhair fern, donkey ears, rex begonias and phalaenopsis orchids. I may have a slight plant addiction problem. . .

Dee said...

I'm quite partial to an african violet (mainly because they remind me of my mum and they look lovely in an old china bowl) but otherwise am more of a cut flower girl. Am loving the mother's day window idea btw. I saw a great 'mom and daughter' snapshot window in NY last year. There were big blown-up shots of each member of staff as a child with their mums and they looked wonderful.

Urbanstems said...

Miss P..I was in my florist earlier this morning and they had a massive vase of viburnum opalus and funnily I thought of you. Alas Eur5 a stem.. I casually took a breath and bought some hyacinths!!If I was in the mood for some plants..pots of lavender, white hydrangeas,orchids, pots of rosemary and spring bulbs would float my boat. Sinead

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

I'm just uncomfortable with houseplants (with the exception of spring bulbs). Things i plant outside grow like mad, but houseplants always look unhappy and begin to die. But it's not a glorious, swift and theatrical death as with cut flowers, more slow and tortuous and I can't stand it! Please share your research, I'd love to know of an unfussy houseplant beauty to give a final chance to!

ps your fringe is fabulous!

flwrjane said...

Jeeze, I have pots of cacti, that go outside in summer and perch on windowsills in the window. I have a tall rectangular vase full of a large leaf philodendron whose roots sit and rocks and a few inches of water. Occasionally i bring home an orchid and I enjoy the hell out of it till the blooms fade away. i don't know what happens to them afterward.....they are gone.


Anonymous said...

And now I'm reminded of that wonderful song and will be singing semisonic for the rest of the week! Loving the hound, as ever.

anastasia said...

my plants, save an unruly cymbidium, are all humbly inexpensive sorts kept under glass. or tillandsias piled in a bowl. next i would like to try a staghorn fern. if i had a shop, that's what i would stock. anything else is liable to end up with bits snipped off and tucked in vases. (the cymbidium can't escape this fate as it is)

i miss semisonic. i have that album, and this'll probably make me listen to it during my next car ride.