Old cameras, a small child and a new fringe

It turns out that the email from the Swiss lottery fund was a con. The Hound sussed it, It's Swiss francs not euros.The apartment in Paris remains unsold.

Instead we have filled the window with old photographs,and my old camera collection.

It's a tenuous link to Mothers Day, but we are going with it.

Also i abducted a small child and made her hold flowers.

and the fringe.

I am loving all the comments you have been leaving lately. Handy tips from hairdressers, how to make those deli wrappers and other golden nuggets of information. This blog is a wonderful place to be, and for that i thank you.

also i had the best email from a potential bride, who said that her intended didn't want a buttonhole with "those big flowers you always get in Pizza Express"

I love this couple already.


Anonymous said...

Liking the fringe!

The fishermans cottage said...

adorable little girl, her cardi matches the flowers x

Love, Love, Love said...

The fringe really suits you. Good on you for giving it a go.

Mother Hen said...

Wow, what a little stunner your God-daughter is and The Captain and I are loving the fringe too xxx

flwrjane said...

Ah, your God daughter. It's often best to wait and comment after the mother hen. More is often revealed by her.

Fringe to you, bangs to us. Whatever the name looks quite fetching on you.

I inadvertently cut my own by constant ripping off of sunglasses:( Very irritating to BFF/hairdresser.


Urbanstems said...

Shame about the lottery but there is always mastercard!! Cute pics and the mothers day window will be fab. Mothers day has to be nostaligc. Love the fringe. Sinead

Julia said...

Miss Pickering,

I do believe I like the word fringe much better than the American "bang" version.

I really like your pictures very much, and have to say again,I am pretty blown over by your witty ways.

There is something about your writing style that is incredibly relatable. You've got some moxy (moxie)? Where is spell check when you really need it?

Martin & the Magpie said...

..my country estate also remains a dream as the congo millions failed to materialise...i also tried the'photographing customer in suitably colour co-ordinated clothing' ploy...mine wasn't so willing!!....x