Aquisitions made, sights seen, and much laughter

1. The Boy Wonder and a Panama hat, i am all about the Panama this summer.
2. I bought some Lexicon cards off an old lady,won a car and a tattoo at the fair.
3. The jam jar fetish continues, this is but a third of the collection.
4. Farmgirl juice bottles x many.
5. Visiting The Beautiful People in their shop, hearing of their exciting plans and mutual teasing. Good times.
6. Borough market, home of the Turkish delight stall.
7. The worlds most expensive mushroom stall, i could only afford 8 tiny morels
8. The Boy Wonder slept all week.
9. Private blogging.

Soundtrack to the week, Nat King Cole, Barry Manilow, and Cafe Del Mar.

Thoughts turn now to weddings, the Royal one, and the season. Are you doing anything for the Royal wedding? A street party? A banquet? Have you been invited? Are you doing the flowers?

and also our Great Vintage Sale. We need to make space for the weddings, so we shall be selling some of our props, odd bits of furniture, and some ex-hire vases. (so that i can go and buy more)

Details to follow........


Amanda said...

Let me know what you are selling as i might be interested in a few bits Amanda xx

Becca said...

I will buy the hound and keep him in the manner he is accustomed.


My plans for the royal wedding are to watch from dawn to dusk. The boy has said if I do this he won't marry me. He does not like the royals.

I cannot decide what she should do with her hair.

Dan said...

A great post, with some lovely glass finds, until I got distracted by Cafe Del Mar in the soundtrack of the week, and have to disappear off to youtube to relive some fantastic nights out.
PS - the Royal Wedding is a much needed extra free day off work for us to make progress on the house, but will watch the 'highlights' as per F1 this season.

Sophia said...

Please let us know what you are selling, would be very interested.... Thanks

Sophia from Frida & Sophia Floral Designs