What we ate

We picked a good week to take off, the sun has shone non-stop. Breakfast, lunch, and suppers out. A proper old school city lunch of steak and a bottle of red with Cityboy1 himself,and a pudding with 2 spoons. Brunches of scrambled eggs, suppers eaten under a setting sun, and coffee and ice cream with The Beautiful People.

At home, meats and fish grilled with olive oil, fists full of garden herbs, and the generous squeeze of lemons. Salads of salty feta and plump tomatoes eagerly devoured and the juices in the bottom of the bowl mopped up with bread. Turkish delight with coffee, gin at lunchtime, and afternoon tea.

Ham hocks, stews and soups seem but a distant dream.

The Mediterranean is calling.


Primchick said...

Not like "fry's turkish delight then...!?" am drooling at the images... gin? lunch time?....:oP

Mrs B said...

Please share where we can purchase that turkish delight. I haven't stopped eating since checking in this afternoon.

Oh, and the rose fabulousness on the crystal stand in the other post....divine. I'd like that job please.

Welcome home xx

flwrjane said...

waiting impatiently for GG to come home so we can have dinner.

So I thought I'd torture myself with these pictures.

Deed done.