As seen on Style me Pretty

Yesterday my inbox started pinging with messages that said

Miss P., put the gin down, get up off that sun lounger in the Bahamas, and find the Internets. You are on Style me Pretty.

Thank you to all who emailed me, Polly and i knew the wedding was going to featured, we just weren't expecting it yesterday.

Special thanks to Becca, once again being the first to notify me, one day i will make her head of press or something.

Also i am not in the Bahamas.

The full wedding can be seen in the Style me Pretty Gallery as well.

Thank you to Kelly and James for getting married.


flwrjane said...

I'm sorry I didn't wait for you to post, but followed Becca's lead and rushed over to see you in Style Me Pretty.

It was a bit of excitement for the Americans, you better believe.

Not the Bahamas? Vegas then? or Monte Carlo?

xo J.

Mrs B said...

Well I think you may as well stay on your hols as I don't see how you can better a feature on SMP......well for this month at least!


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss P
I found you in Sawday's Garden Lovers and LOVE your bio - esp the slutty shoes!
Ingrid B

Stitchfork said...

Congrats on the Style Me Pretty feature! LOL too as we call theh canine here The Hound too!

Becca said...

Golly. I didn't realise I'd got a mention. I've not been checking in as I thought you were en vacances.

Incidentally I got a text from one of my oldest friends saying had I read this blog about a local florist who was (capital) THE wedding florist de jour. Obviously it was you and am not hawking another florist. That would be bad for your head of press.

Hope you had a lovely break. The weather here has been quite lovely and I have resorted to drinking pimms out of my Juliet balcony (a window with doors then, not a balcony) when I get home from work. It's the type of weather where Sainsburys run out of brickettes but then it rains so people have BBQ's in jumpers.

Am letting the sunshine in (let it aaaal in).

Happy Friday people x x