The holiday of a busman

Our vacances were not without flowers, whether visiting other shops, or doing a shoot, or just because it seems i cant go a day without them. Admiring contract flowers in fancy restaurants, snapping off buds of lilac on evening strolls.

I am addicted to flowers.

So much to tell you, the food, the places, the people, sun-kissed cheeks, sparkly eyes and a lot of laughter.

Until tomorrow.

p.s. I added a new page, to answer all the questions that appear in my inbox.


Becca said...

Thought of you this morning. 7th.

Bit pants.

Here are my answers:

steak and peppercorn sauce and onion bhaji's.

A teacher, a florist, a lady of leisure

White linen

Marks and Spencers

Blush rose and pink champagne

cadbury's white chocolate


The secret eyebrow threader lady at Turnpike Lane

Hampstead Heath

Cannon 550D and the automatic point and shoot

This blog, BBC news and stylemepretty.

Mr Jones, Mrs Fourie, Miss Butler and my Mum

The Andrew Davies Mr Darcy and Rupert whatshisface in the ITV persuasion.

I used to live in Ralf Harris' house

Having my hair cut or my neck kissed (not by the same person-bit weird)

The smell of home and Mint.

The sound of the front door and footsteps in the hall

P.S freaking gorgeous displays.

The Monkey Flower Group said...

D.C., Napa, somewhere across the pond . . . apparently lilac is everywhere . Mmm, springtime.

flwrjane said...

Well haven't you been missed.

I read the answers but unlike Becca I don't seem to know the questions.

Um, all shades of blue, dashes of red, purples now.

Lilacs, lily of the valley and peonies.

Books, more books, British decorating mags and the NY Sunday Times.

Fresh herbs in bouquets and food. Food, grilled in summer, braised or roasted in winter.

Dogs and 1 cranky cat.

Iced lattes with skin milk, homemade lemonade in summer and hot tea in winter.

Canon SD 1300
Listening to rain in bed.

Gardening in 60 degree temperatures.

Taking a bath after gardening. And I'm off.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Welcome back.
No trousers...
I may adopt your line I can't think where you might find that. It sounds so much more charming then my 'Have you tried Lidl?'

Kay said...

..never put an 'e' on it please,
may, too beautiful a month to ignore,
two weeks in knightsbridge,
plum, chipped,
cheap nikon, its all in the composition,
hendricks, of course,
two older brothers, my protectors while growing up,
the camera hates me,
whats a date?
on a vintage club chair in the bedroom,
because time is running out.

lovely to have you back!!!!