I heard that you're settled down

That you found a girl and you're married now.
I heard that your dreams came true.
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.
Old friend why are you so shy?
It ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light.

Genuinely the first song i heard this morning. sometimes they aren't, sometimes they are coded messages to people, dressed up as a "oh i heard this song this morning" But you all knew that. Somebody told me these were the best posts, the ones where i over share. Sometimes it backfires.

Adele can do no wrong. Amazing voice and lyrics and smokey eye make-up.

also this morning, a florist from another town threw herself at my mercy, a mix up, the wrong order made, could she borrow my shop?, and some oasis? and a triple tray? and some foliage, and some flowers?

Of course, come in, let's get you a coffee and a clear work bench.

Karma accrued.

Then a lovely customer emailed to enquire about the origin of one of my skirts, and just dropped into conversation that she was flying by helicopter to Paris, and eating here. I lost myself for a good 20 minutes reading the menu. It is a work thing but still. Paris.

and if all this isn't enough i have guest blogged. In America. The power of the internets never cease to amaze me.

and it is a Grand Prix weekend. Too too much excitement. The Hound has had to have a lie down. Twice.


flwrjane said...

If I wasn't navel deep in flowers, I would fly you to Paris for lunch.

but alas.....

May I offer you a cup of tea? I know how to do it now.

With many thanks and lots of xoxoxoxoxo

The Flower Studio said...

Miss Pickering, I do so LOVE your Blog... and thank you for introducing me to Small But Charming... After I have worked my way through my long list of jobs to do in the shop today I am going to go home and try out the rhubarb & scones... Yum x

Mrs T-J said...

I also adore Adele, such a haunting voice, honest, real lyrics we can all relate to and she has a gorgeous womanly figure, her appeal is that she isnt trying to be size 0. She isnt trying to be anything but herself, key to success methinks in many walks of life.

Had roasted Rhubarb and plums last night, oh to die for, says the pudding hater me!

Lovely post as ever xxx

Mrs B said...

So much to catch up on.

I can certainly believe that was the first song you heard....I fear for her being overplayed.

Bless you for the wedding window post. Can you believe that was a week ago? I am wondering if she has the blues?

Urbanstems said...

Great post over at Janes. Lovely posy but the scones are actually talking to me! My kettle is on - tea will have to suffice for now! That song is super. Sinead

sactovlr said...

L-O-V-E your guest post...such a hoot! Absolutely EVERYWHERE people with paper cups filled with 'double soy lattes' and the like over here....and most DO NOT look like the chicks on Sex and the City! I swear we have a Starbucks on every corner. No clotted cream, but latest 'big thing' at least here in CA is greek style yogurt....it is everywhere. Mr. Darcy can come stir my yogurt anytime!

Happy weekend. Mother's day here on Sunday --- giant day for flowers!

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

One day we will sit in an English garden with jane and eat scones and clotted cream - here's to hoping!x

domestikate said...

Oh, that song. Gets me every time. And your guest post is super!