Jam jars

I still love them, it isn't the actual jar, it is the attitude. The informality, the laissez-faire, the asymmetry, the no foam.

I have however become a jam jar snob. Bonne Maman is so 2007, i now only want proper old jars with "Kilner" written on them, and no gingham ribbon.

Luckily i have Angela, who scored me that massive haul of them. I will be using them in our flower school, not begrudgingly.....

Today is The Other Miss Pickering's birthday. She is away for business in Wisconsin. The last time she went to Wisconsin there was the volcano business and she had to stay for 23 years. I missed her.

Happy Birthday baby sister. Come home soon.

also did you see Antonio and Gennaro on television last night? Driving around Italy being concerned that Italian women don't cook anymore, and hence won't ever find husbands?

Loved it. I used to eat lunch with them everyday in the Neal Street Restaurant. Gennaro would make a pasta al forno everyday and we would eat it with salad and too much bread. Once he made a courgette lasagna, and the courgettes were whole running through the sheets of pasta making waves. Some meals you never forget.

This morning Cityboy1 sent me an email that said "I assume you and The Hound are at the airport checking in on the first flight to anywhere in Italy"

We weren't, but i wish we had been.

Have you voted? Are we Yes or No to AV?


bowstreetflowers said...

Affordable Old canning jars are scarcer than hen's teeth here. We discovered that the new Ball canning jars look exactly like the old ones (with the exception of the blue), and they come in wide mouth litre size too. Love your ranuncs!

Dee said...

Yes, I love a jam jar and always test my weight limits when I go to NY as I have a particular soft spot for old mason jars and there's a winning stall at the Brooklyn Brownstoners Flea.
Am finding it quite difficult to get excited about the AV. It's an awfully long time since my heady days of A level politics but I did vote! Only 107 people had voted at our place by 0945 - so it looks as though a few others are equally unenthused.

Mrs T-J said...

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first - No to AV - now jam jars are much more interesting. Miss P you have become a jam jar snob, whats wrong with a jar of Hartley's lol!

Miss P have you ever been to the Old Bakery Antiques in Wymondham? If not you must. They specialise in old advertising signs, old wooden wheelbarrows, cutlery, door knobs,light pulls, garden pots and all manner of jars from days gone by etc, etc. Not a Chippendale in sight.

Pop it on the to do xxx

Becca said...

Oh. I thought I might escape the guilt.

I have a politics degree and worked in politics. Shocking that I should be so cool with it. But what's worse is that I didn't vote.....

I was in work early so I could leave on time and vote. I got home too late (like twenty minutes ago). It would be worth it if I was paid by the hour.

I was undecided. I wanted to tow the party line and vote NO but then the Daily Mail said NO and whilst I congratulate them on not having Princess Diana on the front cover for the first time in a billion years, I don't want to agree with the Mail.

The telegraph didn't tell me what to do (but I did find out that Kate is going to Canada).

I loved yesterdays flowers. J'adore. En francais not italia. En italia c'est five quid pour lu cola sil vous plait. Good job I don't have to work abroad.

Did you vote?

found and sewn said...

I love jam jars too. vintage ones are the best!