We have given Spring a long lingering kiss, and sent it on it's way, and like hussies have re-applied the red lipstick and opened our doors to Summer.

Like every summer they arrive showy, blousy, flash and with summer tunes blasting from their Lamborghini's. The peonies, stocks and love-in-a-mist have turned our heads. For just a few short months they turn our world upside down, and depart, leaving us with nothing but gladioli to wipe our tears on. Will we never learn?

In amongst all the flash, Allium Christophhii, an intellectual flower if ever there was one. Not like all the others, practically impossible to mix with anything else, and the one i am hanging my hat on this summer.

and embroided name tapes.

and after yesterdays post, and the comments...

We can conclude

1. Boys should always send flowers, and the message should read "I am into you"
2. If you are taken to The Brandenburg Concertos, you are on a date.
3. The gypsies have it right with their grabbing, no misunderstanding.

Have a marvellous weekend, grabbing, concerting or otherwise.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Sound conclusions! We await the next installment with bated breath.

I have three alliums christophii in a jug on my kitchin table, love how they look on their own. x

Martin & the Magpie said...

Peonies, stocks, sweet peas.... just a few sniffs and your in summery heaven.... Every season has wonderful flowers, every time we're welcoming them with open arms, but when the summer flowers start to knock on our doors, we want to get them in asap, lock the door and loose the key.... Summer... we adore you!

Mrs T-J said...

The prose even managed to out shine the fleurs, tough choice, love in a mist and peonies are my flower heaven. However, today Miss P your prose took top billing, gorgeous. Love, love, love your Englishness! xxx

Mrs B said...

Love-in-the-mist......otherwise known in Manchester as F*@!-in-the-Fog. Those boys at market are so very rude....apologies for lowering the tone

Amanda said...

What are those peonies called? and is there any local suppliers who might supply stems of foxglove the week after next? x

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.