To my baby sister

Happy 18th Birthday.

Where did the time go? When did you stop being the little girl with the bob, and the pretty French dresses? and turn into a much taller girl? full of charm, creative and intelligent in equal measures and jolly good company too.

and even though you like mashed potato and parsnips, and have gone against my demands that you study food photography and styling at University...

I love you so much.


p.s. just because today you become an actual adult, doesn't mean that i will stop being the annoying overbearing older sister, who will BBM you every day whilst you are university to check that you are ok, and are not drinking or talking to boys.


last day of may said...

birthday greeting little miss p! oh 18...where did you go to?? what an amazing age and the world is out there for the taking. enjoy the adventure...

so happy for you that you have a big sister to tell you truths and lead you astray (in the right way!)

have a wonderful day xXx

Mother Hen said...

Hear, hear xxxx

flwrjane said...

Watch out world, here comes another Miss Pickering!

Birthday greetings from across the pond.

xo J.

Mrs T-J said...

18 - no longer a child but barely a woman, so the saying goes. Well a woman no, but fine young lady yes indeed.

Hope you have all had a wonderful day en famille xxx