Somewhere over the rainbow

This weekend day off was in technicolour like things off of the 50's. I like things from the 50's.

1. Rummaging in the wardrobe to find an outfit for a wedding. I have *nothing* to wear.
2. Any bowl a £1, sometimes he will let you have them for 50p. Pepper recipes welcome.
3. 2 bowls worth of tomatoes were roasted, i haven't the patience for proper slow roasting, 185 degrees c for 90 minutes, or until you just can't wait any longer. Serve with  feta and a hunk of bread, although we are no carbs before marbs so it's pitta bread here. I know, but in my world......
4. Just because they were lying around, and fit with the theme.

We didn't go to the show, The Hound was under the weather, he has now made a full recovery, whilst our backs were turned he dug over half the garden, and has taken to rising at 5am. Joy.

Did you buy a bowl for a £1?

Tomorrow is my baby sisters 18th birthday. How did that happen? When did she stop being 2?


The Missing Curtain said...

lovely photographs x

Procris said...

Pepper recipe: Roast the peppers quickly over a hot flame or in a very hot oven. Blister the skin. Cool in a paper bag, peel skin off. If you're capsicum friendly, take the stem off and throw the whole thing in the blender. If not, seed it, throw in blender (you may want gloves for this part, can't quite tell what kind of peppers you have). Add apple cider vinegar, salt, and brown sugar. You're going for a balance of sweet/sour. Blend.

Use as spread, garnish, stir into chili, put on chicken, freeze for later...

Mrs T-J said...

A lovely day for Hambleton Miss P? To all - have a fabulous time and can we have pics please, I am getting canape withdrawl xxx